There is something about a child’s ability to find joy and energy in the most routine of events that is captivating!  A few weeks ago, my daughter was bemoaning the fact that she has to change *out* of her pajamas in the morning.

“Why can’t we ever wear our pajamas all day??”

I was in a hurry, and I blurted out (more out of a desire to stop the run of questions than for actual connecting with her needs…): “November 18.  We can wear our jammies all day on November 18.”

Much to my surprise, she did not forget!  This was something that was important to her, so we embraced it and moved full speed ahead planning the first annual Abundant Life Pajama Day!

Our day included a HUGE blanket fort, flashlights, more stories then you can imagine, several puppet shows, pancakes for lunch over candle light (yes, a candle lit meal with six under age five), and, of course, PAJAMAS!  What a wonderful morning of snuggling.

One of the interesting moments for me as a teacher to observe was around the puppet show.  We haven’t done puppet shows here much, and I was so facinated by the way all of the different age groups put on their shows. (A quick pause to say, “Yea for mixed age groupings!”)  Anyway, I did the first show. After I demonstrated, each child wanted to put on a show. The kids would climb back behind the stage and put the puppets up in the window. The older kids provided voices for the puppets while the younger ones did not.

While the younger ones were sitting behind the wall with their silent puppets, I would say, “Maybe the animals will talk to us,” thinking the younger ones would voice their characters by my cue that they had the stage.  In reality, I think they were behind the wall thinking to themselves, “Maybe if I’m quiet, these animals will talk.”

Already looking forward to the next pajama day!

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