Spend anytime around here, and you will discover that we are thoroughly process people.  Parents of the Abundant Life children are accustomed to picking up their children — proudly displaying their creations: envelopes full of tiny pieces cut confidently with scissors, a repurposed snack cracker box swimming in glue, or invisible paper holding layers of caked and cracking tempera paints.  Sometimes the work stays here, elegantly displayed to be revisited and admired in subsequent days and weeks.  Often it travels home, messages of love captured by the careful and inspired work of small hands.

I had the joy of visiting Resuable Usables a few weekends back, and got to spend some time with Angie, the owner of the store.  Reusable Usables does the saving work of reclaiming otherwise discarded materials and giving them new life as open-ended inspiration for young minds.  One of the items I purchased were these amazing black plastic circles, and I presented them along with glue and bottle lids one morning for exploration. Here’s what we made.

The spread.

Christian, fitting two lids on one circle after creating three circles with just one lid each.

Cadence's more careful glue work

Here's what she is working on. Notice the single drop of glue inside each lid. One-to-one correspondance, baby!

Tekoa's use of glue was *slightly* more generous than Cadence's.

Glue on the circle, glue on the tray -- Henry carefully used the stick to form his designs in the glue puddle before discovering that he could use it to stick lids onto the circles. He's pleased with his work, don't you think?

Addie is so fully kinesthetic. She uses her hands to explore any material we play with! These were excellent materials because they held up with so much glue.

Simone spent the entire time pouring the glue and watching it run onto the black circles.


I will add a picture of the final product soon.  When all of the circles dried (it took a while!), I hot glued them onto some white mesh netting whose former life was a loofah and we placed them in our space where we can visit them frequently.  These are some inspired minds I work with!