I made these with my five-year-old for her kindergarten class on the last day before winter break. The flags represent the different countries we will visit on our voyage.

A friend asked recently about my career: “Where do you think you will end up in the field of early childhood?”

My response was something like, I just keep saying yes.  Opportunities come up that align with my passions, and I say yes.  I have lots of ideas about where I will be in the decades to come, but I never thought I would be at the place I am now, so it really is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is next for me.

Well, a few months ago, an opportunity came up, and our family said yes.  And now, a new adventure is about to begin.  On Wednesday, our family will board a ship in San Diego and set sail with the Semester at Sea program.  My husband will be working on the ship, and our whole family is traveling along.  We will stop in 12 different countries between January and May, stopping in ports along the coast of Asia and Africa, eventually landing in London.

In recent weeks, the logistical preparations have been overwhelming (hence my blogging silence!), but we made it and we are finally ready for this adventure to begin!

As for this blog, I will keep it updated with my thoughts on what it means to engage with young ones intentionally and reflectively.  And, as always, the content will be inspired by my interactions the young ones in my life: currently, my three children (ages 2, 4, and 6) as well as their soon-to-be peers on the ship.  My connection to the internet will be spotty, so I won’t be responding to comments much over the coming months (though I do read and treasure each message!).

I encourage you to keep saying yes to the opportunities that fuel your passions…in the meantime, you can read along to see what it’s like to live on a ship with three children under age 7.  More in a few days from the ship!!