I have started no fewer than six blog posts since we embarked on our sea journey twenty-two days ago.  I can’t seem to figure out what you would want to read.

You might think that is preposterous.  If I were you and you were me, I would want to know everything about what it’s like to live on a ship and travel the world with young children. 

But I am stuck, because the vast majority of you – my audience – follow my writing because you are parents or care providers of young children, and Abundant Life has always been a community of ideas, strategies, and encouragement for your journey from a fellow journeyer.

Plus, my internet connection is slower than slow out here on the open ocean and I haven’t seen the familiar blue and grey homepage of Facebook in weeks (I’m sure it’s changed ten times since I left!) so I feel very disconnected from my land-life.

My writing has always grown out of my experience with young children, and I have a sense that the reason Abundant Life has connected with so many of you is that we have shared experiences: meltdowns in the grocery store, challenges with designing ideal spaces for children that foster learning, or managing our own strong emotional reactions with the children we love.

And now I’m on a ship, traveling around the world, and I wonder how much of our experiences are still shared?  I wonder if my writing will lose its relevance?

Partly, I believe that you are connected to my writing voice, and I suspect you are curious about what it’s like to live on a ship with three children, ages 6, 4, and 2.  (Spoiler alert: interesting.)  Perhaps you wonder what it’s like to take selective young eaters through Asia and Africa.  (Bonus: bread comes in many forms!)  Maybe you have a spirit for adventure that is eager to follow along vicariously, or maybe you wonder what in the world I was thinking!  (Most days, I still don’t know.)

I am eager to share my reflections about why we took this journey, what we learn, and how we change.  But I am trapped by this notion that successful writers should have some clear purpose to define what they write.

So, to be clear, and to write with integrity, I feel obliged to tell you that I have no idea what will come of my writing over the next four months.  I’m going to wing it.  I hope my writing continues to encourage you in your journey.  If nothing else, I’m confident it will be different from the other blogs you read.