Why I Hate "Pink"

????????????????I was traveling recently, and as I stood in the security line at the Sacramento Airport, I noticed something: I was surrounded by variety.

A couple sporting matching hula pantsuits, avid sports fans showing off jerseys and matching hats, people of all ages with assistive devices including wheelchairs, walkers, and breathing machines.  There were travelers with dogs, travelers with international (more…)

Interview with Nicholas Day, Author of "Baby Meets World" (Plus…WIN YOUR OWN COPY!)

Baby Meets World- finalI discovered Nicholas Day through this Slate.com article about cultural diapering practices, and consequently found his book, Baby Meets World.  It would be difficult to overstate how much I loved this book.

Nicholas Day has succeeded in writing a book that is thoroughly researched as well as highly relatable, infused with humor, and full of personal narratives about his journey (more…)

“That’s Not Fair!” Three Words You’ll LOVE To Hear

Supplying food items for our local food pantry.

Me: “Tekoa, I have two strawberries left.  Which one would you like?”
Tekoa: “Hmm…which one is bigger?”

I smiled.  Tekoa and I were sharing a snack while on our recent vacation, and while I would not expect such a straightforward response from anyone other than my four-year-old daughter, it is generally what anyone in Tekoa’s position might be thinking.  As she grows, her thought process will be more complicated and strictly internal: Which one is bigger?  Is my mom hungrier than I am? Does she want the bigger strawberry?  What does it mean if I take the bigger one?  Will I look greedy? Selfish? What if I save the bigger one for her…she would like that?  But at four years old, issues of strawberries are pretty cut and dry.  I love them.  I’d like a lot of them.  Simple.


In Search of a Beetle…(Part One)

“I try to provide experiences that will sow the seeds of change.
Then, sooner or later, children will incorporate those experiences
into their thinking. I’ve learned it takes concrete experience, time,
and faith in their intelligence”
Eric Hoffman (quoted in In Our Own Way: How Anti-Bias Work Shapes our Lives, p. 89)

The crew and I were walking to HyVee to return a library book at their outdoor book drop. It was a lovely afternoon – the sun shining, the breeze blowing, the scent of spring in the air when all of the sudden…