They Are What They Eat: What to Feed Hungry Children

Lots of color at the table

Greetings on this lovely Monday!  Today, I’m addressing one of the common areas of concern for parents and care providers of young children: serving healthy, delicious, easy-to-prepare, delicious meals.  When I mention that my program serves vegetarian meals and that I do not cook processed foods, I often get looks.  What do you serve?  You mean no hot dogs? No fish sticks?  No tater tots?  Not that there’s anything terrible about hot dogs or fish sticks or tater tots, but I believe that in order to preform and learn their best, children need high quality, nutrient dense foods, low in sugar and salt.  Children have unpredictable appetites: some days, they eat through several servings without blinking, and at others, they nibble like little birds.  Making each bite count helps ensure that throughout the day, their bodies get what they need to grow.  (more…)

Meals that Feed and Nourish Everyone

RainbowFeeding children takes work.

Shopping, menu planning, food preparation, table setting, serving, eating, keeping a meal conversation going, attending to younger ones who need assistance, cleaning up, all while simultaneously monitoring and supporting to the needs of the small ones I am cooking for…

The subject of food in one way, shape, or form consumes the majority my days with the crew!  Do you ever feel that way too?  Tell me I’m not the only one!