Just In Time For Black Friday: A List Of What NOT To Buy For Your Young Ones

IMG_5478If you are a parent, you know what it’s like to be inundated with consumerist messages: Buy this nifty gadget, and your child will love it/grow up to be a genius/stay entertained for hours.

If you are a teacher, you know the feeling of flipping through the tantalizing glossy pages of teacher-supply catalogs: The secrets to classroom behavior management/language learning devices/unparalleled support for children with special needs/”your students will be reading by the time they are mobile”!

If you work with young children in any capacity, you know that while attending conferences, shopping for groceries, checking email, or listening to the radio, marketers work tirelessly to convince us all that more is better, and products are the key to lifelong success and happiness.

I’m not buying it. (Pun intended.)

In protest to the bazillions of messages you will all get over the next weeks (more…)

Screen-Free Week

Do you know about screen free week?  Do you know that screens might be invading your life?  Think computer, smartphone, iPad, Facebook, television, and on and on.  For my part, television is not a huge part of my life.  Our family does not have a television.  Well, we have a television, but it has no TV service.  I watch plenty of Hulu and instant steaming to get my media fix, but for the most part, we are relatively TV-free.  My vice is the computer.  When the kids are awake, my husband and I have been good about keeping the computer closed, but after they go to bed, or when they nap, my screen time starts!  I love writing this blog, and following links to fabulous articles and resources in early childhood education.  But, I know I could be doing different things with my time!

So, in honor of screen free week, I will be taking a hiatus from facebook and my blog.  EEK!  Nobody say anything or do anything too important over the next week, okay?  Actually, in my time away from Facebook in the past, I know how refreshing a break can be.  So what will I do without a continuous barrage of information??  Probably go to bed a little earlier, and spend time reading the piles of books I have been excited to get to.  And maybe even hop on the treadmill. Who knows??  The options are endless.  I have a few conferences coming up, so I can’t commit to being computer free, and I will still be on email.  But, if you have gotten used to your daily dose of Abundant Life ramblings, you might notice a gap next week. I hope you can find time to turn off and unplug – I think you will find that it nourishes your soul.

Happy screen-free week, everyone!