Boats and Watercolor

We didn’t dilute our water color today.  We pulled out red, yellow, and blue, and armed with full-strength color, we painted strokes of beauty and creativity on thick, absorbent watercolor paper.  We used white crayons to create a color resist, we pressed down masking tape before adding color to protect some area of our pages for a striking white design, and we even soaked strips of paper in water first and then added color, watching the primary set bleed and then transform into the secondary.  (more…)

Squash Painting

We have had mini-pumpkins, gourds, and all kinds of fall squashes in our space for a little over a month. They have been carried around, put in baskets, rolled down the slide, talked into like telephones, “cooked” in the play oven, fed to the dinosaurs, and any number of other amazing feats of wonder. It was about time for these emblems of fall to find a home in a compost bin somewhere, and I decided to set up for one final squash-extravaganza. I taped paper to our table so the entire surface was covered, displayed the squashes in the middle, and waited for the kids to be drawn to the table.

“Oooo…what are *these* for??” (Amazing how the squashes take on a new life when they are moved to a new place.)

“I don’t know. They have an interesting texture. I thought they might be interesting to use with some paint.”

Looks like I was on to something. Everyone was thrilled with the plan. We all gathered at the table, and I brought out paint and platters. I imagined the kids would use the squashes like stamps — after all, they had such unique textures — but that’s not at all what happened next!